True Grade Announces Consolidation and Expansion of the True Grade Brand


Company creates task force to accelerate its ambitious sustainability and environmental goals.

True Grade’s internal Sustainability and Innovation Task Force, to be headed by CEO Antonio Malave, will be tasked with establishing a clearly defined and actionable sustainability framework linked to its core business strategy, setting the foundation for a multi-year roadmap to guide the Company’s long-term vision.

“We want to set an example for the industry. Establishing our new Sustainability and Innovation Task Force will enable us to align our company-wide sustainability and environmental vision, creating a singular framework across all divisions,” commented Antonio Malave, co-founder, and CEO of True Grade and head of the Sustainability and Innovation Task Force. “This cross-functional alignment is paramount since we’ve set forth ambitious sustainability and environmental benchmarks to bolster the efforts and goals we’ve already achieved.”

Transitioning its indoor vehicle fleet to all-electric is one benchmark that was met in 2021. To build upon the initiatives already in place, True Grade announced new sustainability goals and benchmarks to bring the Company and its suppliers in-line with the environmental and sustainability governance standards of some its larger clients, including some of the major cruise lines. These benchmarks include but are not limited to:

• Be able to provide 100% GAP certified land-based proteins by 2025;
• Ensure 100% of pork provided is gestation crate-free by the end of 2024;
• Be able to provide 100% MSC / ASC certified fresh seafood by 2030;
• Achieve an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2030;
• Achieve company-wide carbon neutrality by 2035;
• Increase sustainable local sourcing to 50% of all food procurement at international ports of call to support cruise line clients;
• Reduce landfill waste and water consumption by 2% every year;
• Dedicate at least 3% of company revenue to True Grade Cares environmental initiatives;
• Establish an employee incentive program to encourage the adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“Working toward and meeting these ambitious benchmarks will cement True Grade as a leader in sustainable sourcing and will help us lead by example so we can continue encouraging everyone we do business with, to practice proper environmental stewardship and set their own environmental standards and benchmarks,” concluded Malave.


About True Grade LLC.
Founded in 2012, and working with transparency and integrity, True Grade is committed to curating and providing the best quality food & beverage product lines, private label, and third-party logistical services to a diversified list of clients, including cruise lines, food service, grocery, and hospitality industries. By actively working to provide sustainable solutions and by fostering meaningful relationships with clients, suppliers, and vendors alike, True Grade continues to expand its scope from regional and national coverage, into a global player in the food & beverage supply chain. True Grade’s product line includes a variety of F & B products including fresh and frozen seafoods, proteins, beverages, and grocery items.

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