True Grade Announces Consolidation and Expansion of the True Grade Brand

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 1st, 2022

True Grade brand will span across the company’s three divisions as product offering expands.

Miami, Fla., Nov. 1st, 2022 True Grade LLC. (“True Grade” or “the company”), a leading logistics provider and food and beverage (F&B) distributor to the cruise, hospitality, and grocery sectors, today announced that it will consolidate its retail, cruise, and fresh division brands into one consumer-facing brand.

Operational responsibilities will not change for any of the three divisions of the company, as the move involves only the company’s public-facing and retail product brand. The move was announced today in an email newsletter to partners and customers which goes out periodically.

“Consolidating our brands is a move we didn’t make lightly, as it will require many hours to make happen, however, we are excited and feel it is the right move since it will better reflect our commitment to the environment and sustainable sourcing,” commented Antonio Malave, co-founder, and CEO of True Grade. “As we continue expanding our operations across the United States and overseas, it is important for people to recognize all products and services True Grade offers as first-rate in reliability, quality, and transparency.”

The company’s new logo retains the iconic T, with the top designed to represent a dining table and the curves representing an outreached human hand. The colors are shifting to dark or Ocean Blue to represent the company’s origins as a seafood provider and Sustainable Green which represents the company’s land-based protein products, as well as its dedication to a clean planet under its charity arm, True Grade Cares.
The Logo will also include True Grade’s new slogan, “A Grade Above”. “The slogan represents our youthful and motivated corporate culture, as well as our obsession to go a step above what is expected for our partners and customers” concluded Malave.


About True Grade LLC.
Founded in 2012 by Christopher Wheeler and Antonio Malave, True Grade LLC. has grown from a small, fresh seafood provider to a major player in the F & B supply chain. Always working with transparency and integrity, True Grade is committed to curating and providing the best quality food & beverage product lines, private label, and third-party logistical services to a diversified list of clients, including cruise lines, food service, grocery, and hospitality industries. By actively working to provide sustainable solutions and by fostering meaningful relationships with clients, suppliers, and vendors alike, True Grade continues to expand its scope from regional and national coverage, into a global player in the food & beverage supply chain. True Grade’s expanding product line includes a variety of F & B products including fresh and frozen seafoods, proteins, beverages, and grocery items.

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Joel Frewa, Marketing/PR Manager
True Grade LLC,
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