The True Promise


True Grade is a trusted provider of governmental health and export inspections and certifications, helping you overcome export challenges and streamline your supply chain. As your valued business partner, we prioritize product inspection, process management, and regulatory compliance with federal and state food safety and labeling protocols. We are dedicated to this mission and have even developed our own Certified True seal to demonstrate our commitment to quality. Read more


  • Yearly third party chain of custody audit allowing us to offer sustainable MSC certified wild seafood and responsible ASC certified farmed seafood to our customers.
  • HACCP plans at all distribution centers
  • In-house inspection of product upon arrival
  • Yearly third party audit for safe food handling based on stringent International guidelines as recognized by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)
  • On-site inspections by USDA and USDC as required.
  • Traceability – (One up / One down) every case at arrival is tagged with a unique bar-coding number, which enables us to track every case throughout the supply chain, from the source and to the end user, as required under the FDA Modernization Act.
  • All Imported products and domestic shipments have electronic Supply Chain Temperature monitoring devices, that is required of all our suppliers. The data is downloaded at arrival and checked for any possibility of temperature abuse during transport to final point of unloading.

At True Grade, we endorse sustainable food practices including:

  • Best Aquaculture Practices — BAP
  • World Wildlife Fund — WWF
  • Global G.A.P.


At True Grade, we are dedicated to delivering Safe Quality Foods and products to our customers. To ensure this, we have implemented multiple food safety and quality assurance programs and have a dedicated, trained Quality Assurance team to oversee them. Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding all regulations and customer requirements on every occasion.