What We Do

Always working with transparency and integrity, we are committed to manufacturing, curating, and providing the best quality food & beverage products, private label, and logistical services to a diversified list of clients, including cruise lines, food service, grocery, stadiums, and hospitality clients. By actively working to provide traceable and sustainable solutions, and by fostering meaningful relationships with clients, suppliers, and vendors alike, we continue growing and expanding our scope from regional and national coverage, into a global player in the food & beverage supply chain. Read more

The True Grade Brand

Clients large and small choose True Grade products because they’re looking for exceptional quality, sustainable, and traceable products. We incorporate product inspection, process management, and regulatory compliance with both Federal and State food safety and labeling protocols. All True Grade branded products carry the True Certified Seal.

Our True Values

Our Values serve as True Grade’s cultural cornerstones, deeply ingrained principles that guide all of our actions.

True Integrity

We stay true to our customers, partners, and ourselves by holding ourselves accountable and by ensuring everyone at True Grade does the right things the right way.

True Sustainability

We make an effort to source mindfully and responsibly, partnering with growers, producers and manufacturers to ensure higher standards and a brighter tomorrow.

True Quality

Quality products don’t hide their origins. At True Grade our commitment to traceability and sustainability are only matched by the quality of our offerings.

True People

We’re a people-driven company because at the heart of our business and our values are our people and the relationships we’ve made along the way.

Le Stagioni d’Italia

True Grade is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Le Stagioni d’Italia in the United States. Le Stagioni d’Italian is an artisanal Italian foods brand focused on small sustainable farming in the heart of Italy.

Learn More About Le Stagioni d'Italia


Certified True

 At True Grade, we want to be your most valued business partner. We aim to exceed your expectations, by delivering the highest quality and most trusted products. We’re so committed to this mission, we developed the Certified True Seal. The seal stands for a product that meets the standards set by True Grade, which go above and beyond those set by the ILO (International Labor Organization) for fair labor practices throughout the entire supply chain.Read more