Who We Are.

True Grade team comprises over 100+ years of global food and beverage industry knowledge, with significant accomplishments delivering exceptional services to some of the world’s most successful companies, including exporters, the food service industry, distributors, cruise lines, hotels, schools, and supermarkets.

By working directly with the supplier, we control the raw material to be able to offer our customers an unbeatable value. Thanks to our unique position in the supply chain and the marketplace, we are more than a vendor; we are your trusted partner in the business.


Our Philosophy.

Dedicated and committed to our suppliers and customers, we leverage our years of experience and strong relationships to bring you a diverse range of products of unparalleled quality.

We take great pride in our products, always delivering only the best to our customers, and ensuring full traceability with excellent sustainable options.

Our products are always guaranteed fresh thanks to our high quality standards, including:
+ State-of-the-Art Facilities
+ Quality Control
+ Grading


Our TrueStory.

Founded in 2012 by Antonio (Tony) Malave and Chris Wheeler, True Grade was born out of a desire to bring truth and exceptional quality back to the consumer.

With extensive experience in the seafood industry, Tony and Chris got to work building a network of the most reliable and efficient fisheries with integrity across the world.

What started as a small importer and exporter of fish and seafood products, Tony and Chris grew their visions for True Grade, and saw the opportunity to deliver their philosophy of transparency in many ways.

Led by unparalleled integrity, honesty, and high standards around sustainability, they began to expand True Grade’s product lines across various industries, with the ambitious vision of feeding the world.

Today, True Grade delivers an array of products including commercial, food service items, as well as retail products like bottled water, seafood, and various ethnic foods such as Hispanic and Italian products.