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As a leading food and beverage supplier with a vertically integrated supply chain True Grade has access to the highest quality raw materials and products. Our global reach includes offices and strategic partnerships with food processors, distributors and farmers across four continents. By leveraging our large volume of purchases, we are able to secure the best prices for our customers.

Our expertise lies in procuring a wide range of products, including seafood, meat, poultry, produce, specialty ethnic foods, and grocery items. These products are distributed under the True Grade brand, as private label or globally recognized brands, to some of the top companies in the United States, including all major cruise lines, as well as schools, institutions, supermarket chains, and food service companies.

Who We Are

As a forward-thinking, vertically integrated importer, exporter, and distributor with a youthful disposition and passion for excellence, we take pride in being a partner who delivers sustainable solutions through flexible, innovative, and traceable methods.

Our Mission

To strengthen and streamline the food and beverage supply chains by fostering meaningful relationships with customers and suppliers, as well as through efficient, sustainable, and mindful sourcing of quality food products.

Our Vision

By strengthening our culture of integrity and transparency, we envision True Grade as an elite purveyor and curator of the best quality foods and beverages on a global scale.


Our Philosophy

At True Grade, we are dedicated and committed to our suppliers and customers. With years of experience and strong relationships, we are able to offer a diverse range of products of the highest quality. We take great pride in our products and strive to always deliver the best to our customers, including high-quality sustainable and fully traceable options.

We are able to guarantee the quality of our products thanks to our high quality standards, including:

  • FTZ (Free Trade Zone)
  • U.S. Customs Bonded
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities
  • Quality Control
  • Transport and Storage Controls
  • Inspections and Certifications


Our True Story

True Grade was founded in 2012 by Antonio (Tony) Malave and Chris Wheeler with the goal of bringing truth and exceptional quality back to the consumer. With their extensive experience in the seafood industry, they set out to build a network of reliable, efficient, and ethical fisheries around the world.

Starting as a small importer and exporter of fish and seafood products, Tony and Chris grew their vision for True Grade and saw the opportunity to apply their philosophy of transparency across various industries. Guided by their strong principles of integrity, honesty, and sustainability, they expanded True Grade’s product lines with the ambitious goal of feeding the world.

Today, True Grade offers a wide range of products, including commercial and food service items, as well as retail products such as bottled water, seafood, and various ethnic foods like Hispanic and Italian products.