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The True Grade Foods Supplier Workplace Code of Conduct outlines the standards for fair, safe, and healthy working conditions and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain. These standards meet or exceed those of the Fair Labor Association and are based on International Labor Organization guidelines and internationally accepted good labor practices. All of our suppliers must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Compliance Benchmark standards, which apply to the entire supply chain, including sub-suppliers, sub-contractors, and farms. These standards apply equally to permanent, temporary, and agency workers, as well as those who are paid by the piece, by salary, by the hour, and who work part-time, at night, and as migrants.

We are committed to partnering with suppliers who are committed to continuous improvement and are working towards sustainability, from basic to leadership practices. All of our suppliers must agree to announced and unannounced assessments by True Grade Foods, and must make improvements when any of our standards are not met. They must also develop sustainable management, reporting, and tracking systems within their factories to ensure ongoing compliance. Timelines for achieving compliance must be reasonable and clearly defined, and proof of correction must be provided to True Grade Foods for each instance of non-compliance.

True Grade Foods is dedicated to helping our suppliers improve labor, health, safety, and environmental conditions in the workplace. We believe that this requires a collaborative approach, including capacity building tools such as root-cause analysis, training, and management-system development, as well as listening to the needs of our suppliers and their employees. Our mission is to “produce the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” We strive at all times to treat our workers with respect and to promote fair wages, safe, and healthy workplaces in a sustainable manner.