Exciting the Stand for Pork Production

True Grade partner, Coleman Natural is world-renowned for addressing animal welfare issues in the farming industry, specifically pork production. Committed to ethical practices, they actively phase out gestation crates, redesigning facilities for pregnant sows to align with sustainable farming. Coleman drives industry-wide change through collaborations with farmers and advocacy groups, emphasizing transparency. Openly communicating their commitment and educating consumers, they strive to generate demand for humane and sustainable practices. While achieving significant progress, Coleman remains dedicated to continuous improvement, serving as an industry example and promoting a more ethical and compassionate approach to pork production.

To achieve their goals, Coleman has implemented various strategies:

  1. Elimination of Gestation Crates: Coleman Natural is actively phasing out gestation crates in their sow housing. These crates, which confine pregnant sows in a small space, are being replaced with alternative systems that provide more space and freedom of movement for the animals.
  2. Group Housing for Pregnant Sows: One approach Coleman employs is adopting group housing systems for pregnant sows. This allows the sows to socialize, move around, and express more natural behaviors, promoting their physical and mental well-being during gestation.
  3. Comfortable Farrowing Environments: Farrowing, the process of giving birth to piglets, is a critical phase in pork production. Coleman Natural ensures that farrowing environments are designed to prioritize the comfort and safety of the sow and her piglets. This involves providing appropriate bedding, space, and facilities to support the natural farrowing process.
  4. Collaboration with Farmers: Coleman works closely with partner farmers to implement these changes effectively. This collaboration includes providing support and resources for farmers to transition to crate-free systems. By working hand-in-hand with farmers, Coleman aims to create a network of suppliers committed to humane and ethical farming practices.
  5. Continuous Research and Innovation: Coleman Natural invests in research and innovation to develop and improve alternative housing systems which align with their commitment to animal welfare. This commitment extends beyond eliminating gestation crates and exploring innovative approaches to enhance the overall well-being of the animals throughout their lifecycle.
  6. Compliance with Animal Welfare Standards: Coleman Natural adheres to industry-leading animal welfare standards and certifications. By ensuring compliance with these standards, the company demonstrates its dedication to providing optimal conditions for the animals under its care.
  7. Transparent Communication: Transparency is a key aspect of Coleman’s approach. The company communicates openly with consumers, stakeholders, and the public about its efforts to transition to crate-free gestation and farrowing. This transparency builds trust and allows consumers to make informed choices in support of ethical and humane farming practices.

The move towards gestation crate-free pork is essential for ethical and sustainable reasons, fostering compassion, sustainability, and consumer trust. This transition aligns with evolving consumer values and a dedication to livestock health and product quality. As the demand for ethical products continues to grow, it becomes a strategic business decision which not only enhances reputation but also meets conscientious market preferences. True Grade is unwavering in its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices contributing to a more responsible future. We are proud to partner with Coleman Natural.